Zaap Universal Phone mounts

This is not one, not two, but here we are reviewing three types of mounts from Zaap. Each of them is used to hold your smartphone in a car and, all of them are a solution to keep your eyes not far away from the road ahead of you. Especially, when it gets vital for you to follow the route through maps. After all, it's not a good idea to hold your phone in the hand while driving, isn’t it?

So, Zaap has designed different types of mounts for different kinds of needs. This varies from a dashboard mount, to a windshield one or one that plugs into an AC vent. Then, these are paired with suction mounts to magnetic ones. Well, Zaap has each one according to one's need. We will look at three units here - the Quick Touch One Pro, Magnetic Touch One and Magnetic Touch Two.

What's in the box?

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

All the three boxes get the same design but are of different dimensions to accommodate the different sized mounts. Otherwise, apart from the main phone holder, all the boxes are packed with a user manual, warranty card, feedback form and Zaap's product catalogue. The magnetic holders, in addition, get two small metal plates and a transparent cover. Quality overall is consistent and feels like it is built-to-last unlike the cheap ones available locally.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

How to install?

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

Let's begin with the magnetic holder type of arrangement as we had shown earlier in our review of the Zoook holder. It's easy to just place the metal plate between your phone cover or sticking one onto the back cover of the phone. This will get attracted to the magnet in the holder and hold on to the device.  Zaap is additionally providing a transparent sticker to ensure there is no scratch on your phone. The Magnetic Touch One's clamp is stiffly sprung and tightly grips the AC vents like a snapping turtle's bite would. Just make sure, the car's vents are able to take weight of the phone and the magnetic car mount. Best is to mount it on the bottom vent for an ideal angle.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

Now on to the suction type of holders. The Magnetic Touch Two works like the Touch one, but instead of a clamp gets a suction cup. In conventional suction type of holders, the mounting surface has to be absolutely flat. Even a slight curve or contour will prevent the suction cup from adhering tightly to the surface. But here, the suction cup gets a thick layer of sticky gel that seals the air gap, creating an integral fit.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

Furthermore, the Quick Touch One Pro uses the same suction pad, but gets an arm that can be extended. This arm has a ball type end, which fits into the adjustable spring-type phone holder. Just push it in and tighten the screw at any angle one intends to. Before buying this product, you can check if your phone is compatible by just aligning your screen with the gauge on the box.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

How does it work?

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

If you notice, all these products have 'Touch' common in their name. And as the name suggests, all of them provide an easy one touch mounting system. It doesn't require any professional help for installation. In fact, as seen above the process is effortless be it mounting the holder on a vent, windshield or the dashboard. All these mounts get a 360° rotation ball and adjustment knobs to provide vertical and horizontal viewing angles. The magnetic holders create a 6lb magnetic force, which is an intensive pull to provide a strong grip for the phone to not fall. It can still be released with one hand.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

Meanwhile, it might not seem so, but the spring-type phone holder (Touch Pro) will also provide such an easy release process with just a push of a finger. Also, thanks to the sticky gel, the suction cup never came loose quickly or dislodged from the surface for all the time we used it. And its reusable, so once it attracts a lot of dust and you think the adhesive property is diminishing, just wash it with water and voila it’s as sticky as new.

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

How much does it cost?

Zaap Universal Phone mounts

The MRP of the Quick Touch One Pro is Rs 3,300, Magnetic Touch One is Rs 1,800 and the Magnetic Touch Two is Rs 2,000. Outrageous as they may seem, but good news is that these were introductory prices, and now with special discounts on Amazon and Flipkart these products are available for much cheaper. The quality of all three is top-notch as against local mounts. Plus, all are also covered under warranty and a friendly customer care that will address issues if any and replace the product for any manufacturer’s warranty. 

But then which one should you buy? For that, you will have to take your car into consideration. If your vehicle has large or many AC vents, which can allow the passage of air even if after the mount blocking some part of it, go for the Magnetic Touch One. If not, you can consider the Touch Two which can be mounted anywhere on the dashboard or windshield. And if you don't like the magnetic mount, there's the Touch One Pro which uses the conventional holding type mechanism, yet with the ease of releasing it with one hand. Alternatively, you can have a look at the Easy Mount One and Quick Touch Three mounts on Zaap's official website. Well, that's quite a lot of variety to choose from!

Pros and Cons


  • 360 degree rotation
  • Two times the extra pull force of conventional magnetic holders
  • Shock Stabiliser
  • Long arm allows closer device viewing
  • Super sticky gel pad
  • Silicone rubber for scratch proof clamping


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for leather or vinyl dashboards
  • It might break weak AC vents


Magnetic Touch One car mount

  • BrandZAAP
  • Item Weight72.6 g
  • Product Dimensions12 x 7 x 4 cm
  • Item part number794504999532

Quick Touch One car mount

  • BrandZAAP
  • ModelQuick touch One
  • Item Weight209 g
  • Product Dimensions13.9 x 10.9 x 7 cm
  • Item model numberZAAP012

Magnetic Quick Touch Two car mount

  • BrandZAAP
  • ModelQuick touch Two
  • Item model numberZAAP008

Zaap Universal Phone mounts


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