Zaap Travel BlogThe hidden medieval village in Emilia Romagna, Italy

A single tour guide slowly strolls past us, unfathomably waving a flag in the air to direct her three faithful followers into the purple flower framed cafe.

Zaap Travel Blog Cremations and celebrations: A journey through Varanasi, India’s holiest city

The alarm rings out loudly, piercing the pitch black silence of the morning. It’s 4.30 am, and I jump up eager for the day that lies ahead.

Zaap Travel Blog Kumbh Mela: Power of Faith

One of the handiest things with having this camera was it fits in my pocket, which meant not having to carry a bulky DSLR around the whole festival.

Zaap Travel Blog Ten awesome adventure activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Underrated and thus relatively undisturbed, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a treasure trove for adrenaline junkies seeking adventure activities in The Balkans.

Zaap Travel Blog 2-week Namibia road trip - An encounter with the wild

Our 2-week Namibia road trip discovers wild encounters at every turn. We explore mighty dunes & ancient cave paintings, track rhino and cheetah, and explore the barren Skeleton Coast. It is an epic sandy adventure.

Zaap Travel Blog Mexico road trip - A challenging journey

We love a road trip. The freedom to pack more into the day and go at our own pace makes self-drive travel the first choice for us whenever possible. And we are not shy about trying more challenging trips like driving over the wide open spaces of Namibia, fording rivers in Iceland or dealing with tetchy Jordanian police.

Zaap Travel Blog Lisbon: The city of seven hills

Lisbon is best spent not collecting one major sight after another. Instead, we found exploring local neighbourhoods is what makes Lisbon such a compelling and beguiling city. Lisbon doesn’t have the big sights of other European capitals.

Zaap Travel Blog Morocco: Spices, souks & Sahara

Our time spent in Morocco explores the nooks of Marrakesh, the sweeping landscapes of the Atlas Mountains and labyrinth that is Fes. Here is all you need to know for an exotic Moroccan road trip.