Car phone holders to keep your handset secure on the move. Car phone holders are brilliant gadgets mainly because they solve a universal problem as simply as possible. While we all know how invaluable your phone can be in the car as a navigational aid it's imperative that it’s both safe and secure. You also want to be sure that you’re hands-free legal too, so selecting one of the best car phone holders here should do the trick.

As you’ll see from the options below, car phone holders can be quickly and easily fitted into a prime position, using various mounting options. In addition, the best car phone holders will also work with many or all smartphones on the market. While it is tempting to go for a cheap and cheerful option, we think it's worth spending a little more on a premium car phone holder, which should deliver lots of dependable service as well as more practical features into the bargain.

1. Quick Touch One Car Mount Windshield/Dashboard Holder

Holds phones safely on either your dashboard or windshield.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Dashboard or windshield mounting
  • Secure suction cup
  • Reusable Gel Pad
  • Super Strong Gel pad

Considering its relatively cheap price the ZAAP Quick Touch One Windshield/Dashboard Mountable Holder feels a lot more premium than you might expect. The main appeal of this car phone holder is that it’s versatile and can be attached to either your dashboard or your windscreen.

Better still, once you’ve set it up the device holds your phone safely and securely, plus it’ll work with popular smartphones. In fact, it’ll be able to handle just about any smartphone with a screen size between 2.3--3.5 inches wide

Some lesser car phone holders can be tricky to get into the precise position that you need, and we all require different viewing angles depending on our height and driving position, so the benefit with the ZAAP Quick Touch One Windshield/Dashboard Mountable Holder is that it boasts a 360-degree rotating. That means you can position it precisely, while the suction cup feels like it’ll be able to stand the test of time too.

As with all of our examples, this model allows you to enjoy hands-free convenience, which means safe navigation as well as calls or, for example, in-car music management without distraction while you’re driving.

2. Olixar Nova Grip Universal Vent Phone Holder

A holder that easily accommodates phones of any size

  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Works with phones in cases
  • Requires horizontal air vents

Car phone holders generally work by attaching to either your windscreen or, in the case of the Olixar Nova Grip Universal Vent Phone Holder, somewhere on your dashboard. This model is appealing as it allows you to affix both it, and your phone, to one of the dashboard vents in your car.

The device is pretty flexible too, thanks to a design that combines a 360-degree ball joint mechanism that lets you position your handset in either portrait or landscape orientation. It’s possible to tilt the accessory too, so you can create a more precise viewing angle depending on the position of it in your car.

Its spring-loaded mechanism, with a width capacity of 82mm, means that the Olixar Nova Grip Universal Vent Phone Holder is able to handle a host of smartphone models. Setting up and using the device is quick, easy and it works a treat with the horizontal air vents that are common to many cars, both new and old.

We like the way the grip is solid but at the same time won't damage your prized handset. Another practical point to note is that the Olixar Nova Grip Universal Vent Phone Holder will also accommodate your phone if it’s already in a case.

3. Arteck Car Mount

An excellent choice for your dashboard or windshield

  • Sticks securely to dashboards
  • Affordably priced
  • Grips phones gently

The Arteck Car Mount is a classic example of the ‘simple is best’ design philosophy. This universal phone holder has been praised by all and sundry, and it’s easy to see why.

While this model can be attached to your windshield, the sticky gel pad works particularly well for dashboard-mounted locations. Add in the ability to air-lock the pad in place and you’ve got a robust in-car solution that doesn't leave you feeling nervous that it might suddenly pop off as you’re driving along. Going for a dashboard mounting option makes for the optimum position for an in-car phone holder anyway as it leaves your windshield free from any kind of obstruction.

As with the many other models here, the Arteck Car Mount benefits from a 360-degree rotational design, which means you can easily get your handset into a prime position prior to a journey and then not have to worry about it again.

The Arteck Car Mount works with a raft of common smartphone models, including the Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max as well as Android models. While the grip is definitely reassuringly snug, the Arteck Car Mount is still kind to your handset, which is pretty good for such an affordable bit of kit.

4. Yosh Car Phone Holder

A super simple magnetic design that's great for heavy handsets

  • Can support heavier handsets
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Means sticking a plate to your phone

This is another absurdly simple but really quite clever car phone holder that can give a safe, secure and road-legal home to many popular smartphones. The black plastic accessory is another one that's vent-mounted, thereby leaving your windshield free from obstruction. And, perhaps more impressively, for something so unobtrusive the Yosh Car Phone Holder can keep any kind of screen in a stable position, including tablets.

The magic happens thanks to neodymium magnets, which means that it’s able to hold handsets in just the right position to suit you. One minor downside is that you’ll need to stick a small metal plate to the back of your phone for the magnetic magic to happen, although a workaround for that is to stick that to your phone case instead. However, the solid grip that you get thanks to the magnetic aspect means that your smartphone (or tablet) stays nicely in place once you’ve positioned it.

For something so basic, the Yosh Car Phone Holder is perhaps one of the most faff-free and top-value accessories we’ve come across. The other benefit of the powerful magnet setup is that it’s able to handle heavier phones without any fuss.

5. Exshow Car Mount

A supremely flexible phone holder for your windshield

  • Impressive height adjustment
  • Handy quick release function
  • Can be a little wobbly

While phone holders work well when mounted in, on or around the dashboard area, another route you can take is to go for the windshield-friendly accessory instead. In the case of the Exshow Car Mount holder you get a great solution that works with most smartphone models.

Despite the pretty low-tech initial impression, the Exshow Car Mount actually turns out to be perfect for anyone who wants a viewing angle that’s higher up, thanks to that windshield mount design. The suction pad works fine while the precise positioning of your phone can be done thanks to a 360-degree flexible cable.

One slight trade-off with the wide range of positioning options that come with the Exshow Car Mount is that the accessory can tend to throw a little bit of wobble into proceedings. However, if you spend a little time getting the positioning right this doesn't really detract from the overall appeal. Larger handsets up to six inches tend to fare better than slightly lighter models with less overall weight.

With its 30cm arm you’re able to move the viewing angle into many different positions and orientations, which makes the Exshow Car Mount mighty handy for taller or shorter drivers due to its generous reach. The quick-release feature is a real boon too.


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