Car holders are such an essential commodity for people who need to attend important calls while they are driving.

You cannot afford to compromise your safety, but you also cannot miss those important calls.

So, we have listed down for you a deal of great car phone holder collection for you to choose from.

1.Zaap Quick Touch One 360 Adjustable Car Mount Holder

Best Car Mobile Mount for dashboard and windshield phone holder for car interior accessories

1. Patented Smart Mount- ZAAP QuickTouch provides a safe, versatile and highly functional Smartphone mounting solution. Like its previous models, our new mount is packed with great features like Quick touch locking feature as well as super sticky gel pad. Mount & drive easy.

2. QuickTouch- Easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger.

3. Way locking- We have designed new two-step locking lever which ensures your mount can be used on different surfaces. The first locking position can be used for flat, smooth surfaces like car windshields & working desks while the second locking position can be used on curvy textured surfaces that may require more grip like curved car dash boards.

4. Telescopic Arm- New telescopic arm adds 2 inches to allow for closer device viewing. Arm extends from 4 inches to 6.5 inches.

5. Multi-angle adjustable- 180⁰ rotation for height adjustment & 360⁰ for quick portrait/landscape view

6. Universal Compatibility- Holds devices with widths of 2.3-3.2 inches - Fits mobile devices 2.3 inches to 3.2 inches wide. That means it covers almost every smartphone on the planet.

7. Reusable Super sticky gel pad- Sticks securely to most surfaces (including textured surfaces), yet is still easily removable. Also reusable (infinite times) as it restores to original mint condition after rinsing with water & air drying.

8. Sliding Bottom foot- Our sliding bottom foot ensures that there is no interference with your devices bottom ports.Total Protection- Special Clamp design guarantee 100% Stable & Safe hold to prevent unexpected falling of your smart phone

2. Tech Sense Lab universal magnetic car phone holder.

Are you tired of using mount backs that are complicated to use, look ugly, clunky and suck at their job?

If you are the one who is looking for beautiful, sleek, functional and simple mount back, then we have got your back!!

Tech sense lab Magback multimount is the easiest and the simplest mount you could have ever found.

It allows you to mount your handheld devices almost everywhere and anywhere without blocking the air vent and windshield of car.

This device comes with the compact and sleek design; its super smart design is super strong and has 4xN45 neodymium magnets and is multipurpose.

You can mount or unmounts your Tech Sense Lab Magback in just one second! Without any cradles, clips, clamps or suckers this mount will show its magic using the magnet without blocking air vent and windshield of the car and guess what, the plus point is- it is universal which means that it will suit any phone, GPS or lightweight tablet.

Its packaging includes 2 rectangular shaped metal plates, 2 extra 3m stickers and the Tech Sense Lab Magback Multimount.

This product has been appreciated by 50000+ happy costumers all over the world and is acknowledged as the simple and smart mobile holder, we are sure it will make you happy as well.

3. Zaap Car Magnetic Mobile Holder

If you are looking for a safe, versatile and highly functional smartphone mount then we have something for you, Zaap magnetic touch premium car mount.

It will thrill you with its great features such as powerful magnetic clamping solution which can hold up to 380 grams of product, its brushed aluminium edges give a unique and contemporary look with high quality ABS plastic and scratch proof design.

It gives you 360 degree rotation ball and adjustment knobs to provide you with vertical and horizontal viewing angles.

With premium and award-winning design, it is a perfect companion for luxury cars and is perfect for interior fittings, car windshields, car dashboard and working desks.

It has innovative rotation ball construction which quickly allows you to adjust the 360 degree rotation.

Also, the reinforced magnetic phone holder is the distinctive feature which set it apart from the other mounts.

As mentioned above it can hold up to 380 grams of weight, making it a perfect mount for most of the smartphones available out there in the market.

On downside it is not suitable for tablets and phablets weighing above 380 grams.

They can be used for flat and smooth surfaces as well as for the curvy textured surfaces that require more grips like curved dashboards of car.

It comes with reusable super sticky gel pads and is shock stabilizer.

4. Tech Sense Lab Magback magnetic mobile phone holder

Do you hate looking down to use the navigator while driving?

Or struggling with other mounts to adjust them or make them settle at one place.

Then Magback magnetic mobile mount is your solution to every problem.

It comes with unique two finger operation by adding a metallic plate to your phone.

Four super strong neodymium magnets grab your phone automatically providing you super strong bond.

Its main and distinctive features are that it has adjustable ball joint which allows side to side adjustment for perfect viewing angle with 360 degrees full rotation.

This mount comes with a unique washable silicone gel suction cup which gives perfect suction on any flat and smooth surface.

It is versatile to use and you can use it in your car dashboard, windshield, and kitchen counter while you are watching any video recipe by your favorite chef, or on your work desk to maintain an organised work desk.

If its base gets dirty simply wash the gel base to restore the stickiness.

Its packaging includes 2 large metallic plates along with non-residual 3m adhesive.

Tech sense lab has 50000+ happy costumers all over the world who appreciate and acknowledge them for creating these smart and simplified mobile holders.

5. Tagg Premium Magnetic Car Mobile phone holder.

Tagg Mag grip magnetic car mount not only promises you great quality but also provides you with sleek and compact design.

Magnetic mounting solution makes it versatile and allows you to attach it with any smartphone and GPS.

The powerful magnet is the distinctive feature that sets it apart from other mounts.

TAGG Mag Grip uses the magnetic force from rubber encased neodymium magnets which give it the strength to mount and secure different sized smartphones and GPS accessories.

Gel pads help to secure the mount on most surfaces; you just have to snap the mount on windshield, dashboards, office desk, study table, kitchen counters etc.

Once they become dirty just rinse them with warm water and let them air dry and they become ready to use again.

It also has a locking lever which produces an intensive pull force of 6lb for strong grip which in turn ensures that the base of the mount will strongly hold your smartphone on place regardless of road bumps and jerks.

Mag grip comes with magnetic plates in two variants- one rectangular and other circular, you can choose between them as they stick behind the phone.

It also comes with innovative 360 degree rotation ball which quickly allow you to adjust it to the optimal angle and provide you with perfect horizontal and vertical viewing angles.


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