Best Car Mobile Mount for dashboard and windshield phone holder for car interior accessories
Choosing a smartphone holder or mount for your car is difficult task because there are lots of buying options available online these days . Some phone holders are full of features which we dont need most of the times so its not wise to pay extra for those unnecessary features . Some times build quality is the issue and holder gets broken in 10-20 days of use. So to make your buying easy ,we have found out 5 best smartphone holders for you which will be good in build quality and best in there price category.

Zaap Quick Touch One 360 Adjustable 3-in-1 Car Mount Holder for All Smartphones (Pro Series, Black)

Zaap mount comes with Easy quick touch mounting system which locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger. Build quality is great and holder is made in korea and imported from there. Bottom knob of holder is sliding and very useful when it come to connect charging cable to your phone. Mount holder provides 180 Degree rotation for height adjustment & 360 Degree for quick portrait/landscape view. Anti-Fall Lock Mechanism is given in this holder which provide greater stability to phone. 3 times Extra pull force & Shock Stabilizer added for rough Terrain driving . Holder can be mounted on CAR DASHBOARD / WINDSHIELD / DESKTOP. It comes with a lever knob to press for making holding stable and risk free.TELESCOPIC ARM is long (4–6.5 inch ) to allow closer device viewing. This holder has patented REUSABLE STICKY GEL PAD which become reusable every time after a gentle wash.Suction gel pad does not stick well on leather material.This holder mount is universal for all kinds of phones from 2-5 inch to 3.5 inch wide phone which means almost all phones can be mounted. This holder comes with FREE 15 MONTHS WARRANTY.

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Amkette iGrip Telescopic One Touch Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount  

This mount comes with iGrip Telescopic One Touch and provides Maximum Stability, gives enough number of mounting options .It also have an android app for Exclusive iGrip Drive Assist .Easy to use with One Hand and gives a very strong grip to your phone. With a gentle push on the phone, Powerful Clamps safely grip your phone. The Adjustable Bottom Support provides a firm base, with the flexibility for your Audio and Charging Cables.The Reusable Sticky Gel on the Suction cup ensures a Superior Grip on most surfaces by eliminating any air gaps. If mounting on a Textured Dashboard use the included Dashboard Pad.The telescopic arm extends up to 8.3 Inches (21 cm), with a 230-degree rotation, and easy PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE adjustment. This AMKETTE holder comes with FREE 1 YEAR WARRANTY . Amkette is 30 years old and trustable company.

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 i-Cube’s 2-in-1 wireless phone charger and car phone mount is very useful to charge your phone while mounting it on dashboard. If your phone supports wireless charging then its a good option for you. Easily mount your Qi compatible smartphone and keep it wirelessly charged while driving. Conveniently secure the mount on your car’s air vent, dashboard, or windshield. You have to  Plug this mount into your car’s cigarette lighter port to power on. To Charge your phone you have to hold your phone near the infrared sensors and the robotic, non-scratch silicon arms automatically open/close to firmly grip your phone. The phone will start charging. LED status indicator is also given to check the status light to make sure your phone is charging properly. The indiator turns red when powered on and blue when charging. If a metal object affects the charging, the status indicator will flash blue and red.  Please check compatible phones list. Only QI Wireless Charging phones can be used for wireless charging functionality. And if your phone does not support wireless charging then any phone can be mounted in this holder. Drive safer features are there with protection against overheating, short-circuits. An extra USB port is also included so you can conveniently charge a second device.

CQLEK car mount comes with easy one touch mounting system, which locks your phone when you place your phone on mount.CQLEK car mount comes with easy access design to charging and 3.5 mm jack. Other car mounts come with support at bottom which is not much friendly for charging or using AUX pin in phone.CQLEK Car mount head can rotate 360 degree, and you can set your phone vertical or horizontal as per your requirement. It comes with super sticky gel to stick car mount securely on glass, dashboard (even on textured surface). It also has two step vacuum locking lever for better suction on different surfaces.The CQLEK Mount is usable with almost all the phones.

BOBO is a powerful magnetic holder for your phone: The reinforced magnet of this mount has very good grip. This Universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction .The reinforced dual-sized claw allow a perfect fit with almost any air vent. The rubberized exterior increase grip and keep your car’s air vent scratch-free. Easy to remove, this car mount can easily be stored in a glove box during times of non-use. Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and does not move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. The plates have 3M adhesive meaning they attach firmly and won’t leave a residue when you remove them so you can even stick these to the back of your phone. Large surface area ensures greater gripping area.

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