Do you really need a copper touch tool for your safety? 

This touch less tool allows you to open doors, hook bags, touch screens and press buttons without directly touching them.

Covid key


  • Patented design makes it easy to open doors, press lift buttons, ATM buttons, toilet flush, twist faucets, pull levers, carry grocery bags & many other applications.
  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts use as stylus. Made in India
  •  Made of 100% COPPER alloy material, that kills Viruses & Germs up to 99.9%.  More info on Copper 
  • Reduces point-of-contact area. Best contactless tool for Healthcare & working professionals.
  • Precision CNC machined solid copper & polished for Premium looks & Heavy pull load upto 7 Kg.
  • Easy to carry Design, comes with specially designed cotton bag for device vertical touchless storage & can be washed after daily use.
  • Keys can be easily attached to this touchless device.
  • Easy to clean w/ sanitizers or simple soap wash.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Original design Patents Nr: 8,2627,953.


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