Today in our lives, it’s essential to have some clever gadgets around us to keep the phones secure while we are traveling. The car phone holders or mounts are one of the smartest products to hold the cell phone in front of you no matter if you are looking into it for the map guidance or talking to someone. The smart car mounts are going to help you throughout the way.

Before you head off to the holiday trip, smartphone car mount should be necessary to fix in the car. Now, these mounts are coming up with advanced features and suitable for everyone tired of holding the phone and focusing on driving at the same time. The affordable and compatible smartphone mount can make your journey easy as well as can save you from the accidents.

11 Top Products for Smartphone Car Mounts

Product Average User Rating Price Range Best Price

Zaap Quick Touch One


Bestrix New Version


Mobilegabbar Adjustable Mobile Holder


Magnetic Car Phone Mount


Bobo Universal Magnetic


Amkette iGrip Telescopic


Portronics CLAMP X POR-926


New 2017 Magnetic Car Mount


Probus [One Touch Technology]


Car Phone Mount, Dashboard


HIRATEK Z-Series 360 Degree


Benefits Of Car Mount

The benefits of a car mount are as follows:

  • Car mounts can securely attach your phone and keep it safe while driving.
  • You can use the phone as a navigation device.
  • Allows you to make hands-free calls while driving, ensuring safety.
  • The attached phone can be used to control an entertainment system in the car.
  • Prevents your phone from sliding and falling.

Features Of Smartphone Car Mount

To provide a brief guide to all the reader, we have listed a few essential features of the smartphone car mount below:

Adjustment at Eye Level:

The car mount helps in keeping the mobile phone at the eye level of the user to avoid any disturbance during the driving. This feature is also helpful when it comes to the medical point of view.


The sturdy base of the smartphone car mount helps in protecting the phone from damage, and also it’s ten times easier to use as compared to the ordinary way of using the phone.

Easy Rotation:

The rotating feature of the mount helps you in recording the sceneries and capturing pictures while you are driving without holding it in your hand. You just have to rotate the magnetic head of the mount, and the image will be captured from the right angle.

Strong Position:

The smartphone car mount helps in keeping the position of the phone secure so no matter how much the car is bouncing, or you are swirling, the phone is always going to be in your preferred position.


Usually, most of the smartphone car mounts are compatible with all the phones and can attract the back of the phone with the help of magnetic base. It keeps the mobile phone attached to it.

Easy Attachment:

You can attach it anywhere in your car whether it is a dashboard, windshield or at the base of the vent. The convenient of connecting it anywhere in the vehicle is the most attractive and easy-going feature of the product.

Sticky Gel Pad:

The sticky gel pad at the end of the mount, which is used to fix it is long-lasting and reliable. You can use it countless times, just wash it, and it will be back to the sticky position. Keep it clean for the right results.

Weight Bearer:

An average smartphone car mount can bear the 3kgs of the weight of the phone. None of the bumpy roads is a thread to your expensive phone if you have mount fixed in the car.


Most of the mounts come up with the assurance of at least, which is convenient for the user who is not satisfied with the results. The one year warranty gives you a chance to replace it.

Easy Touch Technology:

Secure touch technology helps in removing the phone from the mount without pulling it and in the same way fixing the phone inside a mount without creating many complications.

Shock Resistance:

The shock-resistant ability gives clear and easy access to the mobile phone’s screen while traveling.

How It Works

A smartphone car mount is more of an efficient kit which is making driving more comfortable. Throughout the world, the rate of accidents due to the usage of mobile phones is more than any other cases. The reckless driving is just not putting your life on the stake but of all the loved ones present in your car and looking forward to their destiny. The smartphone mount is a revolution to safe driving.

This mount is just not keeping you safe from the accidents but also helping you in protecting the phone. You can use all the features of the phone once it is in the mount without any disturbance or blocking the view from the windshield. The smartphone car mount is also suitable to use when you don’t want to break any of the rules while driving and can talk to your loved ones at the same time.

At the time of attaching the mount in the car, make sure it’s hand reachable and at the eye level. You can attach the mount by four ways.

  • Adhesive:
    Adhesive type is the standard type we can usually see in the cars. This type of mount can grip any kind of surface firmly. Due to the sticky legs of the mount, you can stick it to any surface like a bike, dashboards of the car or at the textured table as well.
  • Windshield/DashBoard:

This is the standard way of attaching the smartphone car mount to the car. Usually, people who like to talk or video call attach the mount to the windshield or dashboard to avoid any disturbance. It helps them in accessing the screen of the phone quickly. In mounts, you can also see the button which helps in releasing the phone from the firm grip of the mount.

  • CD-Slots:

People who like to listen to music to their destination can adopt this way of attachment. If you don’t want to call or message someone while you are driving, but you can’t live without the music then attach the mount to the CD slot of the car. If your car still has a CD slot then use it as a mounting point and make your driving much fun.

  • Air Vent:

We all have different choices, and some drivers just don’t like to use the standard mounts as we all have. There are magnetic mounts in the market which are easy to get attached as well as they can connect the phone from the back. You can always dock and undock it in seconds. This method may block the air-vent, but if you are actually not into the air-vent thing, then this must be your third attachment option.

With the help of the manual and numerous buttons, you can always release and attach the phone to the mount easily. It’s a practical device to keep you safe while traveling.

Types Of Smart Phone Car Mounts Attachments

Staying connected with your loved ones is necessary no matter wherever you are in this world. Here are some of the types of smartphone car mounts:

Magnetic Mount:

As compared to the rest of the smartphones car mounts, cradle one is not suitable for some of the drivers. Magnetic mount helps in attaching the phone to the magnetic base of the mount.

There will be no handles attached to the mount but only a strong magnet to hold the back of the phone. It is also arm adjustable as well as rotatable. The strong grip of the magnetic plate keeps your phone safe from the damage.

Wide Mount:

Best Car Mobile Mount for dashboard and windshield phone holder for car interior accessories

This option may be a little expensive for you because of the range of the handle, but this is one of the long-lasting and perfect options for the people who keep changing their phone from time to time. It can adjust at the center of the vehicle’s dashboard, and the sleek, slim design of the mount keeps the phone safe. This smartphone car mount has the ability to adjust the wide and heavy smartphone into the handle perfectly.

This type is recommended for the people who have heavy and wide phones which are not able to adjust to the ordinary mounts.

Short Mount: 

This smartphone car mount is suitable for the drivers who don’t like to use the phone while traveling, but they need to have a guide about navigation. A driver needs to adjust the phone in the mount, and it will be away from the arm length. Your smartphone will be safe from any kind of scratches, and it will not occupy that much space in your car.

Buying Guide For Smartphones Car Mount 

At the time of choosing the right smartphone car mount for yourself, there are few factors you should consider to make the right choice.

Type of phone attachment

There are two types of phone attachments, i.e. magnetic and cradle. Cradle attachments are ideal options if you want a snugly fit and if your phone is on the heavier side. However, it is not suitable for narrow phones. On the other hand, magnetic phone attachments are more versatile and easy to use but are not as secure as cradle attachments.

Interior of your car

It is essential to know the interior of your vehicle while choosing a car mount as not all mounts will be suitable for your car. If your car has a windshield that rises steeply, then you will not be able to install a windshield mount because of the lack of space. On the other hand, for round car air vents, it is not possible to install air cent mounts as it will not be securely mounted.


The main issue many drivers may go through is flexibility. If you are the one who likes to travel from one city to another and you want to enjoy the scenic views, then the flexibility of the smartphone car mount is important. After adjusting the phone into the mount, all you need to do is to rotate the handle and adjust the position of the camera as you want.

The flexibility of the mount is also important when you want to use the phone or video calling someone. The screen needs to be adjusted in your face, for that the bar behind base must be flexible enough to move as you want.


The fundamental idea of creating the mount is to protect the phone from scratches and damage. When you keep the phone at the dashboard then due to the bumpy road, the phone can get damaged by falling in the car. For the protection of the expensive phone and to keep the journey smooth, the grip of the smartphone car mount must be strong enough to catch.

A reliable and robust grip allows the phone to stay attached to the base no matter what is the position of the bar. Whether if it’s a magnetic or long arm mount, you need to check the base of the mount while buying the product to check the reliability.


When any user is buying some product for the long use, and it is expensive as well, then the warranty is something which should never be ignored. Smartphone car mount is sensitive in nature, and if someone is going to use it roughly, then it will be damaged. In this case, people like to claim the warranty to repair the mount or replace it with some reliable one which can work for the longer term.


Just for the few amounts, don’t ever choose something which is less than your expectations. The content should be up to the mark and proper in terms of usage. Smartphone car mount must be of top-notch quality or good enough to handle the weight of the phone. Due to the weakness in material, the mount can be broke soon, and you may have to go for the new one again.


The last thing anyone should check to make the final decision is to use the functions. Press the buttons to check the attachment and release of the phone easily. While driving, this is not possible for the driver to push and pull the phone from the mount to unlock it. Check all the functions of the car mount to make sure buttons are working properly, and you are satisfied.

Top 11 Smartphone Car Mounts

1. Zaap Quick Touch One 360 Adjustable Car Mount Holder

Best Car Mobile Mount for dashboard and windshield phone holder for car interior accessories

This car mount comes with universal compatibility that allows it to be used with any smartphone. It can attach in most surfaces if not all. The anti-fall mechanism offers extra protection making it a durable product that is suitable for rough terrain. It has the capability of rotating 180 degrees and 360 degrees for obtaining a landscape or portrait view.

Main Features

  • It features a quick touch mounting system that can release the device with just a push of your finger.
  • Compatible with smartphones and other devices having a width of 2.3-3.5 inches.
  • Has a silicone rubber scratch proof clamping system.
  • The bottom knob is adjustable for easy charging of your mobile phone.
  • It is designed to include a two-step locking lever.
  • The removable sticky pad gel provides it three times more strength to hold the product up to 7.5 kg.
  • Has a long telescopic arm that extends from 4 inches to 6.5 inches.
  • Can be rotated 180 degrees for height adjustment and 360 degrees for landscape or portrait view.
  • Comes with a 15 months warranty.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The anti-fall lock mechanism ensures extra protection and durability to the mount.
  • Has universal compatibility.
  • High-quality product.
  • You can reuse the sticky pad gel for an infinite number of times after rinsing and air drying.
  • The shock stabilizer makes it suitable for rough terrain.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It does not stick on all surfaces.

2. Bestrix Magnetic Car Mount Holder


Bestrix New Version -Magnetic Dashboard Cell Phone Car Mount Holder

The amazing and revolutionary Bestrix magnetic smartphone car mount is designed to prevent the mount from blocking the view of the driver. The stylish look of the mount and efficient performance makes it the best among all the products. It’s easy to install and has come up with the strong magnetic power which provides security and strong grip to the phone.

Main Features

  • Three hundred sixty degrees easy rotation and adjustable arm length are convenient to adjust the angle of the mobile phone in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • The luxurious look of the magnetic car mount will complement the interior of the car as well as it won’t block the view of the driver.
  • With the help of the suction cup, the installation is quite easier and strong. No matter how harsh the weather condition is, it will work efficiently. With the help of the lever locking feature, it will remove all the air.
  • The product has come up with four strong magnets which are under silicon surface. To attach the phone strongly with the mount, add metal plates with the phone and let your phone go.
  • It can hold a great grip even if you have a textured dash in the car. The suction cup has the ability to grab the surface strongly.
  • To restore the stickiness of the suction cup, wash it with the water, and it will start working again. The premium material of the mount is for the long term use.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The look of the magnetic car mount is all you need to complement the look of the interior.
  • The suction cup and the metal magnetic disc are strong in an attraction, which prevents the phone from falling.
  • The strong four magnetic plates ensure the safety and stability of the phone as well as help the mount in occupying the space strongly.
  • Three hundred sixty degrees rotation helps in moving the phone from one direction to another in no time and with one touch only.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It won’t work on faux and leather dashboards.

3. Mobilegabbar Mobile Holder


Mobilegabbar Adjustable Mobile Holder / Mobile Stand / Car Stand With Quick One Touch Technology For Mobiles Phones

Mobilegabbar adjustable mobile holder makes life smarter and easier. This smartphone car mount is magnet-free and comes up with a strong grip. This holder doesn’t demand any additional metal plates attached to the phone to grip it in the mount.

It has been tested in extreme weather conditions, and the results were beyond expectations. This is one of the best mobile mount design you need for the support.

Main Features

  • Many drivers don’t like to have the smartphone car mount because it is uneasy and not compatible enough to work. This car mount is advanced, easy to operate, and keeps the phone secure at any kind of bumpy road or in weather conditions.
  • The compatibility of this smartphone mount is universal. It has the ability to deal with any kind of smartphone due to smart and advanced design.
  • The powerful grip of the mount can keep any phone secure in the mount. The telescopic arm is adjustable as well as extendable. If you want to move the arm of the car mount in any position, it can move to the 360 arc point.
  • The silicon gel suction is extremely reliable, as well as strong in nature. Even in the extreme temperatures, the gel pad is going to grip the surface strongly, and it’s easy to remove too.
  • It can grab the textured surfaces as well, which means other than the car you can use it on the office tables, doors, and other surfaces where ordinary mounts never work.
  • To restore the original position of the mount, you can wash the dirt from the suction cup and air dry it. It will be in the new condition.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The advance and sturdy design of this smartphone car mount is attractive as well as gives a compliment to the interior of the car.
  • This product has the ability to give priority to the safety of the driver by providing all the access to the phone to the driver in one tap. The attaching and removing system of the phone from the mount is extremely easy and comfortable.
  • It can get attached to the windshield, air vent, dashboard, kitchen counter, office table, or any kind of smooth and textured surfaces.
  • It is reusable once you wash it with the soap and let it dry. The stickiness of the car mount will be restored like a new.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The grip at the textured surface is not up to the mark.

4. Ranvoo Magnetic Car Phone Mount


Magnetic Car Phone Mount, Ranvoo Universal Magnet

If you have used several mounts till now and you are not satisfied with the results, then this one will fulfill all your need.

Ranvo universal car phone magnet is specially designed to give proper support and stability to the iPhone. It’s also compatible with the other devices. Due to the small size of the magnet, it is easy to install as well as got a strong appearance has made it the best magnetic car mount.

Main Features

  • The magnet of the universal magnet is strong, handy, and compact. It consumes minimum space, and if you are attaching it to the air vent, then it won’t occupy much space.
  • It works in tough weather conditions, whether it’s too hot or too cold. The extreme weather is not able to affect magnet performance.
  • It’s a flexible device with the trendy look which helps the driver in accessing all the features of the phone while it’s mounted and there is a need to use the phone as well.
  • To restore the efficiency of the magnet, you can clean it with the damp, wet cloth and leave it to dry. Later you can see the difference.
  • The look of the universal magnet is going to provide a compliment to the interior of the car as well as this product won’t do any damage to the air vent.
  • The product has the ability to adjust itself according to the phone position, and it has a to charge lead at the bottom of the magnet.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The look is beautiful and stylish design is convenient to use with all the advanced features.
  • The magnetic mount has come up with the charging lead to support your phone.
  • The magnetic disc is adjustable and strong in nature, which helps the phone from flipping or falling while driving on bumpy roads.
  • The material of the car mount is premium, as well as the performance, is extremely well on all surfaces.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Cleaning is required after 2-3 uses or else the attraction of the magnet will be low.

5. Bobo Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder


Bobo Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount Car Phone Holder, with Fast Swift-Snap Technology for Smartphones and Mini Tablets (Black)

This car mount is known as one of the most amazing and compatible partners for luxurious cars. From the magnetic holder to the material of the mount, everything is up to the mark and has compact design styling. The Bobo Universal has come up with the magnetic solution for the advancement in the mounts.

Main Features

  • Top-notch construction, refined edges, and premium design is something which makes this product extraordinary. This is one of the most compatible partners for luxurious cars, and it will complement the interior as well.
  • The magnetic mount of the Bobo universal magnetic air vent mount generates the force of 6lbs which is strong enough to hold the phone at its place firmly. No matter if you are going on the bumpy road, the mount is going to provide total safety to the phone.
  • You can rotate your phone to 360 degrees as well as the base of this car mount will be at its place. It won’t move to disturb the direction of the phone.
  • The one-touch mounting system is impressive and exceptional. It can be installed on the vent with just one finger without any efforts, for best results use metal plate between the mount and phone.
  • The compatibility of the product is universal; it can work with any kind of car as well as can support any smartphone or tablet securely.
  • The appearance of the smartphone car mount is compact, which gives it an amazing look. Other factors what customers love about this product is scratch less material and UV resistance.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The strong mounting solution provides a safe, functional, and strong security to the smartphone from any kind of damage.
  • The magnetic disc is reliable as well as you can totally rely on it while driving on a bumpy road.
  • The scratchproof design and ball joint gives flexibility to the product to move in 360 degrees angle with ease and comfort.
  • This car mount has the ability to hold the phone ten times stronger as compared to the other phone holders.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • Without using the plate, the magnet of the car mount is not going to work.

6. Amkette Car Mount for All Mobile Phones


Amkette iGrip Telescopic One Touch Dashboard & Windshield Car Mount for All Mobile Phones


The iGrip telescopic one touch car mount is basically made to provide strong stability and grip to the phone.

The mounting options of this product are unlimited, and this is for the people who don’t like to compromise on anything. From the sticky gel pad to the one-handed operation, this smartphone car mount is something which is exceptional as well as multi-purpose.

Main Features

  • The strong pivot joints of the car mount increase the lifespan of the product as well as no matter at what road you are going, the pivot joints gives extreme support to the stability of the product while sticking.
  • The sticky gel pad is smooth enough to keep any air bubbles away from the surface. To make sure that the mount has a strong grip, the sticky gel pad is strong and works perfectly on any smooth or textured surface.
  • The phone grip, which is the main concern of the driver is perfect in this product. It securely grabs the back of the phone plate and saves it from the damage.
  • The telescopic arm of the car mount can extend till 8.3 inches, and the rotation angle is 230 degrees. You can adjust the phone from horizontal to a vertical position.
  • Without damaging any part of the phone, you can connect the cables at the bottom of the phone securely. The bottom of the mount is adjustable and give strong support to the smartphone.
  • This product has come up with a one year warranty. Another amazing feature is that this product has come up with the handy dashboard pad to attach the mount on any textured surface.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The smart design, advanced support, and premium material make this product perfect without any compromise.
  • The extended arm of the mount till 8.6 inches gives access to the driver in terms of adjusting the phone near them or at the eye level.
  • The super sticky gel has a strong and reliable grip like a rock, but it’s also easy to remove from the surface. You can wash it to restore its original position.
  • One-touch lock mechanism helps in locking the phone as soon as you mount the phone with the product.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • To adjust the mount on the textured surface, you need to use the extra sticky pad for the strong grip.

7. Portronics Car-Vent Mobile der


Portronics CLAMP X POR-926 Car-Vent Mobile HolderIt’s a one-touch 360-degree rotating car mount with the magnetic powers. This model is going to solve all your usage problems when it comes to cell phones.

It can be adjusted at the windshield, dashboard, air vent, and mag back. Drivers usually hate messy jaws, and the hardness of the mount irritates the driver.

Main Features

  • The adjustment of the ball joint can be made from side to side for the perfect angle, and it can rotate to the 360-degree angle in the landscape or portrait form.
  • The unique patented technology can help you in adjusting the car mount to the surface with a strong grip as well as without moving it on the bumpy surface.
  • In order to restore the stickiness of the gel base, just wash the dirt, and it will be perfect as new to use.
  • This smartphone car mount is suitable for all mobile phones and can make your traveling much easier as well as fun.
  • It helps in adjusting the posture of the neck while traveling because the driver doesn’t have to look down to get the messages or for the navigation guide.
  • The one-touch feature allows you to access the phone anytime and the look of the mount is unique as well as compliment the interior of the car.

PROS (What we liked)

  • The unique silicone gel suction cup gives great suction to any kind of flat surface to support the phone.
  • The attachment and removing function of the car mount is easy to use, and any driver can use it to attach and detach it simply.
  • The material and quality of the smartphone car mount are top-notch, and it will last for a long time.
  • Other than the car, you can also use this mount on the office tables, windows, doors, or at the kitchen counter to watch videos or to capture the pictures.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The clip of the car mount may block the air vent.

8. MCDODOMagnetic Car Mount Phone Holder by

New 2017 Magnetic Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder by MCDODO

This aluminum, stylish, and elegant design of the smartphone car mount is one of the popular and amazing picks for the people who like to have reliable and long-lasting products. From the rotation to the grip, it has features which can make your travel much easier as well as will give you access to use the multiple features of the phone at the same time.

Main Features

  • The size of the car mount is handy, and a grip is quite strong as compared to the other car mounts of this size. It can grab the air vent with much stability until you release it by pushing the button.
  • The rotating feature allows you to turn the phone into a horizontal or vertical position for the navigation or to watch videos.
  • The metal plate is strong and has enough attraction to grab the phone on the bumpy road as well. It will prevent the smartphone from falling off and damage.
  • An easy to install feature is something which can let any driver install it in the air vent without going through the manual and without facing any complication.
  • While installing it on the air vent, this is not going to block the ac of the car, and you can use other features of the car as well.
  • The power of the magnet is quite strong and attracts the back of the phone easily. It can save the back of the phone from any scratches from the magnet.

PROS (What we liked)

  • It’s handy in size, which makes it reliable and easy to use.
  • The metal plate installation clip is easy to adjust with the compatible devices.
  • It can deal with tough weather conditions and will work fine too.
  • The opening and closing of the clips are easy to deal with. This product will not do any damage to your air vent.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It will not support heavier devices like tablets and phones, which are big. It’s also not compatible with the dashboard and windshield.

9. Probus Car Mount Phone Holder


Probus [One Touch Technology] [360 Degree Rotating]

The Probus is a well-known brand when it comes to the car mount quality. This smartphone car mount is an amazing and user-friendly product for the people who like to use multiple functions of the phone during driving without breaking any of the law.

The easy-access design and elongated neck of the car mount make it easy for the driver to reach the phone anytime you want.

Main Features

  • The super sticky gel to attach the car mount is reliable enough to secure the position on the glass surface or any other smooth surface in the car.
  • When a user is going to place the phone on the mount, it will lock automatically, and easy one-touch mounting keeps you away from the pulling of the phone from the mount.
  • The 360 degrees rotating head can make your phone adjust in any direction whether you want it vertically or horizontally. This feature is also helpful when you want to shoot video during driving.
  • The neck of the smartphone car mount can be stretched up to the 4.5cm to get access to all the other operations of the mobile phone. This will prevent the blocking of the view.
  • The amazing feature which attracts the customers is the easy charging feature. With the help of charging a pin, it’s extremely easy for the user to charge the phone while driving.
  • The vacuum locking lever of the smartphone car mount gives another facility to you. With the help of this feature, you can almost stick this mount on any surface with the strong securing position.

PROS (What we liked)

  • One-touch mounting system makes the docking and undocking of the phone easier. The phone will get locked once attached to the mount.
  • Easy access design is suitable for the charging and for using the AUX pin for listening to music during driving.
  • The elongated neck allows you to move the length of the car mount as per your convenient.
  • The 360-degree rotating head can turn the phone in a horizontal or vertical position. It comes up with the super sticky gel as well to grip the surface.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • It is not compatible with the tablet. It can support the phones which are 5.5cm to 8cm in width.

10. YQMAJIMCar Phone Mount


Car Phone Mount, Dashboard Magnetic Cell Phone Mount Holder for Car, YQMAJIM


This is the upgrade version, and this one is solid, beautiful and excellent in grip as compared to the old version. In the new version, you are going to witness the lot more features which were essential to add. The magnetism power, absorption, increment in the contact area, and easy to install features are the attractive ones. These features are making driving easy and long routes safe.

Main Features

  • This car mount is universal and can easily be installed in the car. At the time of installation, the soft rubber provided with the car mount keep the car safe from the scratches of the handle.
  • The upgraded version has four built-in powerful magnets which make the safety of the phone promising on the bumpy roads. These magnets prevent the back of the phone from getting scratches too.
  • It can be rotated to 360 degrees to adjust the phone in any position easily. With the help of innovative ball joint, just by one touch you can set the angle of the smartphone car mount without pushing and pulling.
  • The advanced features of the upgraded car mount included innovative design, premium quality material, and five cable clips to grab the charging cable when you are not traveling.
  • This car mount is suitable for different devices, like tablets and cell phones. The compatibility with the car must be needed to check before fixing.
  • To hold the device securely, just connect the back of the phone with the powerful magnetic metal plate, and car mount will be able to grip the phone securely without damaging any of the looks.

PROS (What we liked)

  • Innovative ball system allows the car mount to rotate to the 360 degrees for the easy adjustment of the smartphone.
  • Easy installation of the latest version allows a user to fix it without using any tools.
  • The powerful magnet, as well as metal plate, allows the phone to attach to the mount strongly without any damage.
  • It’s a universal car mount which is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The appearance of the mount is solid and elegant as compared to the previous one.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • The mount can’t be applied to all the dashboards, so you need to check the car compatibility first before buying.

11. HIRATEK Z-Series Car Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder


HIRATEK Z-Series 360 Degree Rotating Car Mount Magnetic Car Phone Holder

The sophisticated and elegant design of the Hiratek Z-series car mount is enough to gain your attention. The look of the product is magical enough to make you buy this one. The advanced features and easy to use design are powerful, unique, and make it stable enough.

The body of the mount is of aluminum alloy, and the quality components increase the lifespan of the product.

Main Features

  • The elegant and delicate design of the car mount is of top-notch quality and has come up with the high-grade magnet button disc which has a strong and powerful grip.
  • The force of the magnetic disc is strong enough to keep your phone in a stable position even on the bumpy road and in the tough weather conditions. This feature makes this mount favorite among all car mounts.
  • The car mount has a 360 rotating system connected with the ball joint. A driver doesn’t have to wait until the phone is completely mounted, just keep the phone near the mount and let the phone go. The strong magnetic field will grip the phone.
  • The heavy metal body of the mount is designed to provide complete security and firmness to the phone. The one-handed operation of the mount makes it easy for the people to use.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a small smartphone or a big one in size, the magnetic disc is universal. It can hold up any kind of phone in the right place without doing any damage to the looks.
  • The HIRATEK Z-Series Magnetic car mount is completely amazing and comes up with one year warranty. The material is non-toxic, which is not dangerous for the kids as well. The multi-directional view of the mount gives you access to move the phone anywhere.

PROS (What we liked)

  • There will be no more smell of plastic or cheap material in your car because this car mount is made up of premium material.
  • The holder can save the phone from the scratches even from the back.
  • The attraction capability of the car mount is universal, and it’s compatible with any kind of device you are using with the strong grip.
  • To rotate the device and to view it from another angle, the multi-angle ball joint system is provided already.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

  • According to the customer’s ratings and reviews, there is nothing unsatisfying about this product.

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