zaap tool

Ships DIRECT From India

We are packing and shipping orders directly from our state. Unlike our competitors who are offering inferior Chinese made products.

open doors
push buttons
touch screens
hook bags

Effortlessly Avoid Unwanted Surface Contact

Reduce Hand to Surface Contact and Reduce Your Risk of Germ Exposure.

Open Dirty Doors With Ease & Peace of Mind

Our Signature HandleGrip Technology makes opening all different types of doors a breeze. Three tiers of precision teeth notches lock on to door handles all different shapes and sizes.

Perfect for Touchscreens, Doors, Keypads & Buttons

High traffic public touchscreens, keypads and buttons are no longer an issue.

Solid Copper

Beware of Cheap Brass & Alloy Imitators Containing Only 67% Copper or Less! Our Superior Product is Precision Machined from the Highest Quality 100% Solid Copper.

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