Which charging port should I use to charge my device?

Thanks to PowerFLO technology, each charging port can charge any device at full speed – there's no need to find a specific port.

What if the ZAAP 6-port Wall Charger is not charging my device(s)?

A. Check to ensure that your device is USB-powered with an input current between 0 and 8A and a voltage input of 5V.
B. Check to ensure that the power cord is connected to an active wall outlet and also firmly connected to the ZAAP 6-port Wall Charger

How do I check my device’s input current and voltage?

Please refer to your device’s user manual, original OEM charging adapter, or contact the manufacturer to determine this information.

What is the maximum ouput of one usb port?

5V 2.4A.

 What kind of USB charging cables should I use with this charger?

To ensure complete safety and best performance, we strongly recommend using your device's original cable or a third-party certified cable (such as MFI).

When the charger is plugged into an outlet but has no devices plugged in, will it consume power? What is the standby power consumption?

The charger will consume almost no power in this state. Its standby power consumption is rated at ≤0.5W.