No-Touch Tools That Will Make Your Day Alot Easier

Staying germ-free is a big priority these days. For good reason too. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself germ-free. You can get masks and gloves to stay germ-free. But there’s another way to stay germ-free. And that is picking up a no-touch tool.

What’s a no-touch tool? It’s a little accessory you can attach to your key chain or to your wallet or whatnot so you can open doors or push the elevator button without getting your hands dirty.

Like anything online that can help you during this pandemic, these little ditties are quick to sell out. So we have done you guys a little help by gathering a few options that are available in market. 


The Touchless Device is Rs 499  and also made of copper. Precision CNC machined solid copper & polished for Premium looks & Heavy pull load upto 7 Kg,” according to its website. The tool can be used to open doors and to press buttons or sign your name on touchscreens.

Its packaging claims the key “kills 99% of bacteria within two hours.”

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