The new Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool allows users to keep their hands safe from coming into direct contact with pathogens found on surfaces including those on open doors, ATMs, touch screens and hook bags.

Made of copper Alloy that kills Viruses & Germs up to 99.9%, making it easy to open doors, press buttons and sign a name on electronic devices, even load upto 7 kg, without personal contact, the company said.

“Preventing the spread of harmful viruses like coronavirus is a challenging proposition that needs due diligence on many fronts.Our Hy-Genie No Touch Hand Tool is the perfect complement to your daily sanitizing routine and a must-have for health-conscious families.”


MRP RS. 1,599 RS. 499

  • Patented design makes it easy to open doors, press lift buttons, ATM buttons, toilet flush, twist faucets, pull levers, carry grocery bags & many other applications.
  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts use as stylus.
  • Reduces point-of-contact area. Best contactless tool for Healthcare & working professionals.
  • Precision CNC machined solid copper & polished for Premium looks & Heavy pull load upto 7 Kg.
  • Easy to carry Design, comes with specially designed cotton bag for device vertical touchless storage & can be washed after daily use.
  • Keys can be easily attached to this touchless device.
  • Easy to clean w/ sanitizers or simple soap wash.
  • Designed to go on your key chain so you always have it with you. 

The packaging on ZAAP Touchless Device promises to kill 99.99% of bacteria within 2 hours.


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