A Coronavirus Era Tool That Looks as Good as It Works? We’ll Take It

Since coronavirus crippled the world, people have been understandably hesitant to touch public surfaces. Workarounds to touching elevator buttons, doorknobs and the like have involved a lot of elbow maneuvering and spare napkins. A number of brands have released no-touch tools for people to safely interact with their environment without using their bare hands, but few have looked good while doing so.

Health officials have said that coronavirus can live on surfaces for days, but copper surfaces, like those made of brass, are an exception. Studies show that surfaces made of copper, which is antimicrobial kills bacteria and viruses almost immediately on contact.

ZAAP Touchless Device is available now for INR 499 on ZAAP's Website.


  • Patented design makes it easy to open doors, press lift buttons, ATM buttons, toilet flush, twist faucets, pull levers, carry grocery bags & many other applications.
  • Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts use as stylus. Made in India
  •  Made of 100% COPPER alloy material, that kills Viruses & Germs up to 99.9%.  
  • Reduces point-of-contact area. Best contactless tool for Healthcare & working professionals.
  • Precision CNC machined solid copper & polished for Premium looks & Heavy pull load upto 14 Kg.
  • Easy to carry Design, comes with specially designed cotton bag for device vertical touchless storage & can be washed after daily use.
  • Keys can be easily attached to this touchless device.
  • Easy to clean w/ sanitizers or simple soap wash.
  • Lifetime Warranty. 


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