I’m sure you know the importance of Car Mounts. Using phone is becoming necessity for businessman, students, celebrities and working classes. Your Car Holder will make your journey safer always. So, its priority to have a best car mount in your car with strongest grip and it must be worthy.

Although it’s a good practice to pull over when texting or calling, most people do not. Attempting to pick up an important call with your hand can result in an accident. To remedy this, a driver should invest in a cell phone car mount that will allow him or her to use the phone hands-free.

With hundreds of options to choose from, picking the right mount that matches with your device can be tricky. But my article shows you the correct path to choose the best for you.


With car mounts you’ll feel perfect when you’re on the road and need to see your phone’s GPS, control your music, or keep up with the messages and calls coming your way. There are a ton of car mounts and docks out there for the smartphones that may suit your need, but not all of them are as effective or reliable as you’d accept.

That’s why I’ve singled out the best Smartphone car mounts currently on market. So, if you’re looking to try them then you must be familiar that where you want to mount your phone because it comes in various categories which are summarized below:
1.Universal Windshield Mounting : The mount should keep your phone at eye level. If you prefer windshield-mounting, be sure it does not block your forward visibility. In some states, the local law enforcement agencies do not allow drivers to place a phone mount on the windscreen. But don't worry if you bought that car mount, you can use that car mount on your car dashboard/desktop.

2. Dashboard Mounting : Suction-cup and/or adhesive mounts with cradles are almost certainly seen in car mounts that hold your phone in place. My advice: steer clear of the windshield variety, as those suction cups usually don't stay put forever -- and the last thing you want is for your phone to crash onto the dash when you make a sharp turn or hit a bump.So, preferable is go with Desktop mounting.

3. Air vent Mounting : The air vent mount kit allows you to keep your windshield clear, by securely mounting your device to your vehicle's air vent. Your device is within arm's reach and can be removed easily without causing any damage.
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Note: Before you consider a windshield mount for your phone, you should make and check that windshield mounts are allowed in the states you'll be driving most frequently in. As it stands, most states outlaw windshield mounted GPS or phone holders due to visibility and safety concerns.

My article will help you to get world’s top Car Mount which are in trend these days and you’ll select easily whatever you want.

CONCLUSION: After comparison of all the Car Holders throughout in the world, I just figured out best 5 for you among all . I believe that ZAAP Car Quick touch one pro Car Holder is the best one. It is designed by USA, Manufactured in Germany, Korea and India. Hope, this article will help you in selecting what you want and can give you the best output of it.
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