Protect your life & car, Mobile phone distraction is number one reason for car accidents, As world's No.1 car mounting brand we create solutions to hold your device in place while you safely drive. ZAAP Mounts help to steer clear of possible distractions that give rise to these accidents by positioning the cell phone in a place that one can easily reach, enabling GPS, Music control & Voice call management. We’re a company you can trust with 5+ Million users worldwide who love our products. DRIVE SAFE ON THE GO!

Tested for Safety & Stability

ZAAP car mounts are designed by our in-house experts & protected by USA Patents Nr: 82627953, F704199, Y609066. 

ZAAP car mounts are specifically tested to make sure all of our customers are getting the best quality products in the market. All these tests can be viewed below for customers who are wondering how the ZAAP car mounts have stood up to each test & why we are No.1 mount company in the world. Click here to view the ZAAP mount Stress Test Report & Vibration Test Report.

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