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Selfie is a photograph that you normally take of yourself, using smartphone or webcam. It has become a very popular activity nowadays as it can use to capture the beautiful angle of the view and enjoy the memories as well as the story through the picture. There are a wide variety of selfie sticks in today market; the below has pointed out some affordable selfie sticks which you can choose one for your favorite. Here you are the top 5 best selfie sticks for smartphones in 2015 you would consider.

ZAAP Selfie Stick (Our Pick) :

The ZAAP selfie stick is designed to a smaller size than other products, which you can easily bring along or throw in your bag or even put in your pocket. The cradle can be rotated 270o to give you a perfect angle picture. The shutter button is soft with the rubber handle for quick access. The Bluetooth connectivity is very responsive to all devices include iOS and Android smart phone device.

It contains most of the key features you want:

  • Bluetooth shutter-button built into the handle
  • Adjustable phone holder for multiple angles
  • Expandable from 18cm to 81cm so you can take a variety of shots.


The killer feature of the ZAAP Selfie Stick is the U-Shape design of the phone holder.  It folds flat to significantly reduce the size of the selfie stick when not in use as compared with other selfie sticks.

This is a really great feature because it makes it much easier to carry it around with you.  This will really be appreciated to those that are walking around an amusement park or other tourist attraction with lots of stuff, in addition to your selfie stick.  You can just put it in your pocket or bag when not in use.  It also makes it much easier to bring your monopod with you to regular events like a dinner with friends or a party.


Very Portable Because phone holder folds into the stick. High quality. Bluetooth button shutter button built into the handle. Shutter button is well made. Phone is secure in holder and easy to take phone in and out. Can attach other devices with standard screw mount adapters.


No mirror , even though secure for phone

Bottom Line

ZAAP selfie stick is the ultimate selfie stick available in market. Highly Recommended


GoTech Ion Bluetooth selfie stick:

The Ion's adjustable, telescopic aluminum arm extends up to 31.5 inches from the bottom of the rubber handle to its tip, which is somewhat short compared with other selfie sticks I've tested. Unlike most models, the phone clamp can be folded over, making it easier to stow away in a bag or your pocket. As a result, the Ion measures just 7.95 by 1.75 inches (LW) when fully collapsed, making it the most portable selfie stick I've tested. 



Very Portable. Groove prevents telescopic arm from twisting


Expensive. Doesn’t have standard screw mount for attaching other devices. Same arm design and materials that caused minor injury with a similar selfie stick in our testing.


The GoTech Ion Bluetooth has a special folding clamp design that makes it the most compact selfie stick we’ve tested, but its price is also the highest.


Noot Selfie Stick:

The Noot stick has an adjustable, telescopic aluminum arm that extends up to a respectable 34.5 inches from the bottom of its rubber handle to the phone cradle hinge at its tip. When collapsed, the Noot measures 9.5 inches long and 4.25 inches at the widest point of its phone cradle, making it somewhat bulky to carry. Its handle comes in black, blue, or orange.

The hinge has a standard screw mount where the included phone cradle attaches with a screw adapter. The hinge itself can be swiveled 180 degrees up and down, and tightens into your desired position with the thumb screw on its side, but can become loose with quick, forceful movements.


Good length. Can attach other devices with standard screw mount adapters.


Nicked my finger in testing. Pricey. Bulky.


The Noot is as average as selfie sticks get, except for a design flaw that could potentially lead to minor injury.


Ufcit Monopod Selfie Stick:

At 41.75 inches in length from the base of the rubber handle to the tip of the aluminum telescopic arm, the Ufcit has a longer reach than most selfie sitck. In its most compact form, it measures 12 by 2 inches (LW). It's available in black, blue, neon green, orange, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow. Its hinge swivels 180 degrees up and down, and tightens into place with a thumb screw on the side. The plastic that surrounds part of the knob broke off quite easily when I tried to move the hinge without loosening it. Days later, the hinge snapped off completely while collapsing the stick, making this the only selfie stick to break in our testing. 

Overall, the Ufcit is one of the poorer selfie sticks I've tested. The easily breakable hinge is a deal breaker, and needing to keep tabs on the Bluetooth remote further sours the deal. 


Long, adjustable telescopic arm. Inexpensive.


Very poorly built. Becomes useless if you lose the Bluetooth remote. Same arm design and materials that caused minor injury with a similar selfie stick we tested.


The Ufcit Monopod has the longest reach we've seen on a selfie stick, but it requires a remote that's easy to lose, and our stick broke in just one week.


Urpower Selfie Stick:

At 37.5 inches in length from the base of its rubber handle to the tip of its extendable aluminum arm, the Urpower is 3.5 inches short of the longest selfie stick I've tested, the Ufcit Monopod. At its shortest, the Urpower measures 9.25 by 4.25 (LW), which is quite wide compared with sticks that use a clamp rather than a cradle for your smartphone. A groove along the length of the arm prevents the telescopic sections from twisting under your smartphone's weight. It's available in black or pink handle options. Unlike most selfie stick hinges that tighten to a desired angle via a thumb screw, the Urpower's hinge snaps into place at set angles. This makes for slightly easier vertical angle adjustments for your phone, as you simply need to click the hinge to your desired angle. 



Includes rearview mirror for high-res selfies. Very secure phone cradle. Long telescopic arm. Can mount other devices with standard screw adapters. Groove prevents telescopic arm from twisting.


Pricey. Can be tricky to install larger phones on the cradle. Same arm design and materials that caused minor injury with a similar selfie stick we tested.


Urpower selfie stick is a good selfie stick available in market.



August 08, 2017 by ZAAP Technologies
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