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 Ryan Settle (Businessman)

Must have for iPhone 6 users! Does the job!

I recently got this charger case. Right out of the box I knew I was going to love it. Even though this one says you get 125% I get closer to 150% each time I charge. I don't know what I would do without this. I highly recommend it.

 Christo Smith (Marketing Manager)

Does the job!

The ZAAP Defender power bank is fabulous. We travel to Florida a lot, plus live in the swamp called new orleans, so keeping delicate equipment dry and pristine can be a real challenge. The waterproof shockproof dust proof charger is so versatile, we can take it camping, take it the beach, or just out on one of our rainy days when we're running around shop to shop in the quarter.

 Joshua (HR Head)

Sturdy, Affordable, Compact, Convenient

Defender For the price, this is unbeatable. I have 3 of these! That must say something positive about the product!!! It has no problems charging my MP3 Player, my cell phone and my tablet!

  Larysa Gaspary (Doctor)

Works and looks great!

I'm very impressed with this ZAAP ACTIV Protective iPhone 6 Charging Case. I really like that it's made a lot slimmer than most, not nearly as bulky as other brand cases. This is the absolute best, by far! I highly recommend this product.

 Kevin Darmody (Father of one)

Quick charge, Small size

I love ZAAP Mini! It charges up my iphone or ipad super fast and holds a charge itself too. It has saved me on so many occasions.


June 09, 2017 by ZAAP Technologies
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Martin Cena said:

Most helpful reviews to decide best brand in mobile accessories. Keep up the good work!

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