30 Most Interesting Things You Can Do With A Longer Smartphone Battery Life

The 30 Most Interesting Things You Can Do With A Longer Smartphone Battery Life Have you ever needed to do something but weren’t able to because your battery died on your phone? Well here are 30 things that you won’t have to worry about if you pick up ZAAP smartphone battery pack.

  1. You’ll be able to get you game on longer than ever.
  2. You can keep up to date on your social media without dying.
  3. You don’t have to worry about missing that perfect picture.
  4. You will have a flash light that lasts longer to get you through the night.
  5. You won’t get lost because your GPS is still alive.
  6. You can jump start your car.
  7. You can jump start someone’s heart, becoming the hero.
  8. You can give Iron Man a charge.
  9. You can listen to your music longer.
  10. Go around the world in an air balloon and stay charged.
  11. Have enough battery life to go to the Moon and back.
  12. Record your very own movie without dying.
  13. Save the day by helping the stranded girl.
  14. Have enough charge to listen to your Mom go on and on.
  15. Be able to give yourself a full back massage on vibrate.
  16. Power up a small farming village.
  17. Have enough power to become president.
  18. Make a genie jealous of your power.
  19. Solve world hunger.
  20.  Find the cure for cancer.
  21. Become best friends with Chuck Norris.
  22. Start dating supermodels.
  23. Catch the world’s most wanted.
  24. Become the most eligible bachelor.
  25. Make the game winning shot.
  26. Make your friends wish they were you.
  27. Have the courage to ask your crush out.
  28. Have less stress in your life.
  29. Be happier.
  30. Be able to call home at any time of the day.
  So whether you’re trying to be the Hero or you just want to be able to call home when you want to. ZAAP is there for you with their smartphone battery packs. So go and pick up your new smartphone battery pack and step out of the dark ages.
May 04, 2017 by ZAAP Technologies


Anqi Shao said:

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a smart phone. This external battery is light and very convenient to carry along. It also lasts MUCH longer than the one I owned previously. I bought a few for myself after using it for a while and some of my friends have similar battery problems also bought it and absolutely love it!

Chloezcc said:

Battery case can help my phone save battery and it makes my phone looks even bigger, I love it, so I don’t need to worry if I forgot to charge my phone at night. It also works great as a phone case, and I love it for it makes my iPhone 6 looks like iPhone 6+, my friends asked me if I got another iPhone 6+. No, I just got a new phone case,

Emily hoffman said:

This is an outstanding value! I am a heavy iPhone 6 user and this battery has never let me down. When I get to 20% I just press the button and within 1 hour I am back to 100%. I get at least 24 hours without having to recharge the phone.

Mark Harper said:

I use my phone a lot that it always run out of battery in the middle of the day and it bothers me a lot. I have used other portable charger but they are too heavy and too big to put into my purse.I love ZAAP ACTIV as soon as I got it. It is powerful, easy to carry, and have nice exterior design.

Mark Spenser said:

Stay Connected with your loved ones with Zaap .

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